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Google Ads: What are the Types of Google Ads?

1. Search Ads:

Search Ads are Text or Call Ads on Google Search Engine and on Google Search Partner sites. Search campaigns let you reach people while they’re searching on Google for the products and services you offer.

It’s great for driving sales, leads, or traffic to your website, as you can show your ads to customers actively searching for your products and services.

2. Display Ads:

Display Ads are Graphical or Image Ads on Google Display Network (GDN), on YouTube and on mobile or in app.

Display campaigns let you reach people with visually engaging ads as they browse across millions of websites and apps. Display is a great way to expand the reach of your Search campaigns to other parts of the web. Display also allows you to follow up with remarketing ads to new and existing customers.

3. Shopping Ads:

Shopping Ads are Product listings on Google Search Engine that drives online and in store sales, website clicks and other conversions.

Shopping campaigns are ideal if you’re a retailer looking to sell your product inventory. Shopping ads appear on search results and the Google Shopping tab.

4. Video Ads:

Video ads on YouTube designed to increase reach and awareness, encourage engagement and drive conversions.

Video campaigns let you show video ads on YouTube and other websites. Some Video campaign types can help you boost general awareness of your brand. Others are designed to drive conversions or get people to shop on your website.

5. App Ads:

Promote your app on various platforms like; Google Search Network, Google Display Network, and Google Play Store, within other Apps and on YouTube.

App campaigns help you find new app users and increase sales within your app. This campaign type uses info from your app to automatically optimize ads across Search, Play, YouTube, Discover, and over 3 million sites and apps.

6. Smart Ads:

Automate your Text and Image ads campaigns on Google, Google Maps and across the web. Smart campaigns are the easiest way to get your ads up and running.

Enter your business, create a few ads, and Google finds the best targeting to get you the most for your time and money.

7. Local:

Promote locations on various platforms to drive customers to a physical location.

Local campaigns help you bring people to your physical stores and venues. Your ads will be automatically optimized to appear across Search, Display, Google Maps, and YouTube.

8. Discovery:

Runs ads across Google’s feeds when they’re open.

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