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Off-Page SEO: How to Start a Blog Using Google Blogger

Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a free publishing platform run by Google. It is designed to be easy to use so writers can upload content to their blogs.

Users can sign up for a maximum of 100 blogs per account and customize those blogs with pre-designed templates. Content is hosted on Google’s servers.

If you want to write blog posts, you need a blog to hold those posts. Google’s Blogger is a free, simple blogging platform that’s packed with useful tools. Here’s how to get started.

If you’ve ever gone to a website that had “blogspot” in the URL, you’ve been to a blog that uses Google Blogger. It’s a very popular blogging platform because it’s free—you just need a free Google account, which you’ve already got if you have a Gmail address—and you don’t need to know any technical wizardry to set it up or publish your blog posts. It’s by no means the only blogging platform, and it’s not the only free option, but it is a very easy way to start blogging.

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