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Off-Page SEO: What is Press Releases and Their Purpose?

Press Release

Press release submission refers to writing about new events, products or services of the company and submitting it to PR sites. It is an off-page SEO strategy that helps in popularizing the events, products or services on the web to improve SEO of the site.

Online Press Release is an Off Page SEO strategy used to boost the inbound traffic in a website. An example of Online Press Release (OPR) is an article that appears in a news portal about a successful start-up.

Why Should My Business Send Press Releases?

Organizations of all sizes use press releases to achieve all sorts of goals. Some common objectives include:

  1. To get media coverage: This would be when your company releases a new product or feature.
  2. To build your brand’s reputation: Maybe you’re re-launching your brand image and want more people to know.
  3. To manage a crisis: When things go wrong, it’s often beneficial to break the story yourself first.
  4. To build back links from trusted media sites: This could be when you publish a new e-book, report or blog and you want a reputable source to link back to the information.
  5. As a cost-effective way to market your organization: A well-written press release can help garner public attention due to news coverage.

When Should I Send a Press Release?

Any time you have something newsworthy to share. This includes:

  1. Breaking news announcements: News outlets want to be first to cover news when it breaks. So, lend them a helping hand.
  2. Product launches: New products often make for good news pieces.
  3. Events: These can offer reporters something timely and interesting to share with their audiences.
  4. Partnerships: If you team up with another interesting company, the news may want to know.
  5. Sharing research: Unique data and original insights are always interesting.
  6. Awards: Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up (a little bit).
  7. Hiring new executives: At larger organizations, this can be considered important news.
  8. Crisis management: When something bad happens, it’s best to get in front of it (before someone else does).

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