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A Guide to The Standard Reports in Google Analytics: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior & Conversion Report

1. Audience Report:

The Audience Report is aimed at helping us better understand the characteristics of our Audience/Users by giving us reports on specific details around the visitor such as the country they are in, the language they speak, and other similar user demographics.

2. Acquisition Report:

These reports will tell you everything you want to know about what drove visitors to your website (All Traffic). Acquisition Reports is used to compare the performance of different marketing channels and discover which sources send the highest quality traffic that may have led to conversions.

You will see your traffic broken down by main categories


  • Find traffic distributed according to different channel groupings — Organic, CPC, Referral, Email, etc.
  • All Traffic > Channels

Source/Medium Report

  • This report shows hows the sources and their respective mediums send referrals, search engine traffic, and direct traffic to the site.
  • All Traffic > Source/Medium

3. Behavior Reports:

These reports will tell you everything you want to know about your content. These reports show how users interact with our website. This can include many different things from what content users view to how users navigate between pages.

Site Content

Self-explanatory, the Site Content Report shows how visitors engage with site’s content. It has been divided into following subcategories

  • All Pages: The best performing and also the least performing content pages. The top pages on your website (Site Content > All Pages)
  • Landing Pages: See the pages of your website where users arrived first. The top entry pages on your website (Site Content > Landing Pages)
  • Exit Pages: The pages where users exited from. The top exit pages on your website (Site Content > Exit Pages)

4. Conversions:

If you set up Goals within your Google Analytics, you can see how many conversions your website has received (Goals > Overview) and what URLs they happened upon (Goals > Goal URLs).

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